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Wrkoo: The Online Ticketing System


Wrkoo: The Online Ticketing System


What is a ticketing system?

A helpdesk ticketing system provides organizations the ability to effectively handle support requests company-wide from clients. It is mainly used by B2B companies that often provide service or product offerings. However, with the rise of online eCommerce, the demand for customer support software, or support ticketing systems is increasing by the year. A ticketing system is beneficial to any business that offers a service, or sells products to the end consumer.

Did you know that a support software that supports requests from clients is often referred as a “Support Ticket System” to the insiders. Simply, it is a smart online software that acts like a shared inbox just for client questions and requests.

What is a ticket?

A ticket, acts as an official record of an issue or request, its current status, and other context information. Each ticket that enters the system has its own ticket number identifier for record purposes. A ticket is considered closed when the problem has been solved, or request has been handled successfully.

(Imagine your “ticket” being the receipt from the order you just placed at your favorite fast food location. The contents of your order are logged into the system, is managed by the employees, to deliver your food, or “close” your ticket.)
Could you imagine if there was no ticketing system to handle all of the customer requests? This is why a ticketing system is crucial in the modern world of business today.  

A good support ticket system should be able to track, manage, and help solve client support requests with just one dashboard that requires no install or download, and is accessible 24/7 online!

Like Wrkoo offers a secure online ticketing software that manages all of a company’s daily support requests using a single dashboard, or “shared inbox”.

What makes it any different from managing support through your gmail or yahoo account? Well…

  1. Wrkoo offers users an all-in-one powerful dashboard that is accessible anytime, anywhere.
  2. The ticketing system also allows you to securely store customer profiles and interactions.
  3. Its smart notifications notify you, and other support agents of any ticket status changes. Like, receive a notification when a client has responded to your reply for example.
  4. Plus, you can customize your ticket boards to better organize support tickets, or requests. For example, one client might request a service update, while another client might have a troubleshooting question. Organizing your support requests into specific support boards will boost your company’s support productivity!

Let’s talk about features, what is the foundation of all ticketing systems? After all, the best features offer the client the best experiences. For smooth client interactions when it comes to ticketing, the software must be able to create, manage, and organize support tickets. You must be able to set statuses and priorities for support requests to effectively manage the support workflow. Also, client and case information (context) is key to solving a client’s requests effectively, and in a timely manner.

Lastly, to complete the basics of any support ticketing system is the ability to log activity. Every business with great customer service keeps a record of all activity that occurs when supporting their customers. This is good business practice, in terms of transparency and knowing what and how your support team is tackling the daily ins and outs of customer service.

Now you’ve learned the basics of the online ticketing system. You should try one yourself, there are plenty of reasons to love Wrkoo –  its feature rich, user friendly, affordable – and so much more! Get started for free, no credit card required, visit