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These 7 Smart Notifications Help Support Agents Solve Requests Faster


These 7 Smart Notifications Help Support Agents Solve Requests Faster


The current wait time for Americans waiting on the phone for customer support is approximately 10-15 minutes per week. Those figures would mean that Americans would waste a shocking average of 12 hours per year waiting to be assisted with a product or service.

Client support software like Wrkoo are doing their best to design a smart system that would help support agents, and customer service representatives’ complete requests faster. Imagine how the customer experience would change, by creating a software that could provide smart notifications to help decrease resolution time!

Let’s start with – what are smart notifications? A smart notification is generated in a ticketing system to notify the user (support rep) of change in status or activity within the portal. For example, a support agent will receive an in-app notification inside their Wrkoo portal whenever a new ticket (request) has been submitted. This notification appears at the top right of their screen, as a moving bell.

Pro-Tip: It is also possible to enable desktop notifications which allow you to be notified of any activity inside the support software without actively being on that screen.

Wrkoo currently offers (7) types of smart notifications inside of its powerful web-based dashboard. We believe these alerts help notify support teams of any change of activity that requires action or review.

The types of smart notifications in order of priority are:

  1. New ticket assigned to you
  2. New ticket assigned to your group
  3. Status updated on a ticket you were assigned to
  4. New response on a ticket assigned to you
  5. Note added on a ticket you are following
  6. New tickets created in your helpdesk
  7. When a teammate invites you to collaborate on a ticket

The notifications mentioned above are all pertaining to ticket (request) activity, which is crucial to the management and successful resolution of support requests. Support representatives are always armed with the most recent activity for tickets, or requests that are assigned to them ensuring a speedy response, and overall customer satisfaction.

A good client support software must be able to put smart to work by offering AI features that help businesses provide their customers the best answers quickly. Everything you’ll need to provide the best customer service is located in one powerful dashboard that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Wrkoo offers a client support software that offers support the right way, by offering peace of mind to businesses who want to go from chaos to total control. Start your 30-day free trial today –