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Instantly Boost Client Support with THESE Productivity Tools


Instantly Boost Client Support with THESE Productivity Tools


Wrkoo enables businesses to work smarter, not harder. Empower your support team with productivity tools that will save them time.

For every business, employee productivity is key to the overall success of the organization. Client Support teams are no different in trying to implement strategies and tools that will help their support representatives perform the best job, in a timely manner.

Here at Wrkoo, we believe that there are four main help-desk features that empower support agents to provide the best customer experience within a timely manner. A really good client support software should be able to do the following:

  1. Automate for speed
  2. Provide Ease of Use and Information
  3. Provide a Self-service center
  4. Track issues, and time spent solving them

Let’s start with automation as the biggest time-saving tool that a help-desk software can offer a business. Wrkoo offers productivity features that help support teams provide the best answers quickly for their clients. The software’s Canned Responses enables agents to solve common issues faster by increasing productivity with saved common answers that are customizable, and usable by the whole team.

The ease of use of the software is vital to an agent’s success of handling client issues properly, and within in a timely manner. Wrkoo’s software is designed with in-app tutorials to get a new user to learn the system quickly. Not only should a good ticketing system be easy to use, but it should be intuitive to guide the user through the support process effortlessly.

Maximizing team productivity means empowering agents to become real problem solvers themselves without having to stop and ask for a manager. Wrkoo offers organizations the ability to create their own self-service online library of information for agents, and clients, to be able to draw from to solve tickets. This online library is known as a “Knowledgebase”, and is comprised of help articles written within the organization, accessible to all support teams to use when handling client requests.  

And finally, the final feature we believe to be the most valuable in boosting support team productivity is Time Tracking. It is crucial for organizations to be able to measure the amount of time being spent handling client requests. Wrkoo’s Time Tracker offers easy tracking with auto start/stop clock that keeps track of time spent on each task, or ticket without losing focus. The ticketing system offers time log reports to help managers analyze trends to come up with effective strategies to boost productivity.   

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