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What is a Menu Bar?

The menu bar consists of individual tabs inside of your portal. A Wrkoo portal comes with 6 tabs included, but you can add or subtract as many tabs as you need.  The tabs are as followed:


  • “Home” tab:
    This is the front page of your portal. See snapshots of what is going on across your company or department. You’ll find Company Announcements, Recent Tickets board, Employee Check Ins, and powerful calendaring for both internal and external use.


  • “Clients” tab:
    Your “Clients” tab hosts both your Contacts and Companies list, as well as Touches.  For contacts, store your customer’s contact information securely by adding them to your Contacts list.
    To add a new contact, go to Clients > Contacts > Add new contact

    Your list of companies provides profile information for each company in your portal.
    To add a new company to your list of companies, go to Clients > Companies > Add new company.

    Keep track of every interaction with customers using Touches. Simply enter an email, and add a comment to log activity for a specific contact. To add a new comment to a client’s profile, go to Clients > Touch
  • “Create New” tab:
    The “Create New” tab is one of the most productive with Announcements, Canned Responses, Ticket, Touches, Knowledgebase, and Boards

      • Create New > Announcements
        Announcements are displayed to all users that login to your portal.
        To create an announcement, go to Create New > Announcement


      • Create New > Canned Responses
        Auto reply to the most common problems by creating pre-filled answers.
        To create a new canned response, go to Create New > Canned Response


      • Create New > Touches
        Add new touches for a particular customer.
        Search using the Company dropdown list to view all of the customer interactions, or touches under each company.
        To create a new touch, go to Business tab > Touches > Create New Touch


      • Create New > Knowledge Base
        The ultimate support library to help employees tackle common questions.
        Create New: Create helpful articles and guides to help customers solve problems on their own.
        To create a new Knowledgebase article, go to Create New tab > KB Article


      • Create New > New Ticket
        Create new tickets in your support board. Search for a contact, add a category, and assign it to the right support. To create a new ticket, go to Create New tab > Ticket


      • Create New > Board
        To create a new support board to group related tickets/issues together.
        To create a new board, go to Create New tab > Board
  • “Reporting” tab:
    The “Reports” tab offers real-time data of daily support operations inside the portal. There are currently 6 different reports available:

      • Clients billable time – A report that shows you the amount of billable time from clients available during a specific date and time range.


      • Client Expenses – The Client Expenses report give you data on which certain tickets/clients took longer than expected to be solved and incurred extra charges for example (an in-house visit, a one-time service, one-time fee etc.)


      • Staff Billable Time – The Employee Billable time report shows information on which employees worked time and or serviced certain projects that is valid billable time to get paid for.


      • Staff Expenses – This type of report gives you data on the costs that employees incurred when servicing a request. This could be gas, airline ticket, new hardware etc.)


      • Staff Punch Clock – The Staff Punch Clock report provides information on the number of hours that all employees have worked. Can be used for time tracking purposes.


      • Staff Timesheet – This report offers the amount of time that an employee has spent in solving support requests that is eligible for billable time.