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Create Your Custom Helpdesk with Wrkoo


Create Your Custom Helpdesk with Wrkoo

Adding a Helpdesk to your organization’s support process has never been easier. Wrkoo enables you to design the look and feel of your new helpdesk to match your brand. Branding your portal using customization features included in the software provides your clients a seamless support experience.

Today, let’s discover Wrkoo’s customization features that are designed to help you re-brand your support portal with ease. The possibilities are endless from portal themes and colors to custom support boards.

Portal Themes

Wrkoo’s client support software offers businesses pre-made portal themes. A portal theme defines the visual appearance of the system’s control elements, font type and size, colors, and so much more! The main benefit of a portal theme is to provide your customers a full, branded support experience without the hassle of complicated design editors.


Custom Boards

Increase productivity by organizing tickets based on common support requests.

Custom boards are essential for an effective support process. A board is a “queue” or folder where common support requests can be grouped together. These unique boards group support requests based on the type of request or service. For example, your first board is normally called “Support”, this board would contain all of the support-related requests coming in from your clients. Another common board category for businesses is “Billing”, this board would receive all of the billing-related requests coming from your clients.

Custom Status

A custom ticket status helps support agents and the customers they’re supporting know where their request currently is in the process. The ticket status is easily one of the most important ticket fields in any helpdesk software. By default, there are four different ticket statuses: Open, Pending, Resolved or Closed.  With Wrkoo, you can create custom ticket statuses to best suit your business, and to quickly identify what stage the ticket, or request is in.

Custom Menu

Create your own helpdesk menu designed just for your business workflow.

Wrkoo’s custom menu feature is designed to best accommodate your company’s support process. With custom menu, you can edit the menu list, rearrange its order inside the portal, and even manage what your clients can see! In terms of customization, Wrkoo’s client support software offers everything you need to provide the best customer experiences possible. The smart AI is designed to simplify and personalize your support process, while you focus on customer care.

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