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Client Support Software: A Beginner’s Guide


Client Support Software: A Beginner’s Guide



A client support software or customer support software, is essential for any business that deals with customers whether you are offering a service, or selling a product. When your business experiences growth there is usually an increase of customers requiring assistance, or support from your company. This is where an online support software comes into play.

Gone are the days of offering “support” through your personal gmail account.

A good client support software is able to manage daily support operations of any size organization using a single platform, a central place where all the support requests are received.

For example, Wrkoo enables businesses to track, manage, and solve client support requests easily using an All-In-One smart dashboard that is located in the cloud for easy, 24/7 access.  It allows multiple customer service agents to work simultaneously using the same platform for increased support efficiency, and stronger collaboration.

What are the benefits of using a Client Support Software?

There are immediate benefits when you deploy a client support software for your business. Wrkoo users say these are the top three benefits of the software:

  1. You will be able to manage all of your client interactions and service activity in one place.
  2. You will be able to have better communication both across your organization and with your customers.
  3. You will be able to increase your support team’s efficiency by using smart technologies within the software like automation, that save agents time.

How do you choose the right Client Support Software?

Most client/customer support software offer the same types of features – a strong, multi-channel ticketing system at its core, with additional helpdesk features that help agents save time using automation.

It really boils down to Usability, Price, and the type of Support that you would like to offer your customers. Let’s talk about Usability first. A good client support software is easy to use, and does not require major training to operate. The system itself should be intuitive so that new customer service reps can start supporting customers within minutes, as it requires no special training.

Second is Price. Pricing is always a huge factor in any decisions made in a small business as you have to factor in how many customer service employees you have, with the monthly price of most software’s being per user. A higher price does not necessarily mean a better product, be sure to do your research when shopping around. Also, you have to factor in that most software bill you per user, per year. (Yes, they will offer you a monthly price, at a higher rate.)

The average cost per user for a professional support software plan ranges from: $49 – $89, enterprise level of course will cost you more.

FYI – Wrkoo offers just two professional plans, PRO and Enterprise. Our PRO plan starts at $49 per user, per month. We recommend this plan for small teams with 10 agents or less. It is packed with every feature you’ll need to provide world class support.

Our Enterprise plan is $69 per user, per month. It is built for larger teams and focuses not only on ticketing, but on security and compliance. A free trial is available for both, for 30 days so you can try it now, and decide later.

At the end of the day, the right client support software will offer the best ticketing system, at the best price, and be able to provide an easy, seamless user experience.

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